the beach at Arbroath, Scotland

8 January 2005
what can i tell you?

what can i tell you?

i never expected to be away this long. i didn't want to. both of my computers fried within a week of each other. that was in early September. i was basically internet-less and computer-less since then. it was a condition that i didn't mind as much as i thought i would.

what can i tell you?

i moved, obviously. i love my little apartment. i painted the walls. i did manage to eventually fit a couch into the kitchen.

i got my ears repierced.

i crushed badly on a stupid Emo Boy for a few months back in the fall. first time i fell really hard since John and i broke up. what can i say. he was a stupid hipster who wouldn't date me because i was fat. fucking loser.

i bought a new car in October. it was a steal, a lark. i looked at it on a Monday and bought it on Wednesday. 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, dark blue, with 60K miles. her name is Lucia.

i got a loan for said car. credit isn't nearly as bad as i thought?

then again, in late December idiot me finally realized i was thisclose to defaulting on my student loans. i didn't, though.

i got a residency, after all that. i'm moving to Houston, Texas in August. it's for six months, to be paid to make my art. after that, onto graduate school, maybe.

i did a huge, messy, rather strange Anagama wood firing up in Bloomsburg over Thanksgiving. i made all the work for it in my kitchen, a situation i wouldn't recommend. all my work turned out shit, but i really didn't mind.

i became shamelessly addicted to Total Request Live.

i joined a gym in November. i'm still a lump as of this writing.

got new glasses. prescription was higher. i'm now even more blind that i was before.

had a nice Christmas.

this past Thursday, i moved into my studio. i finally have a place to work, a situation that is both exhilarating and extremely scary at the same time.

Pop-pop died this week. tomorrow i have to leave for the viewing and funeral hoopla. if you want to call it that. i'm working very carefully not let myself get numb, surrender and go limp for the next few days. i need to feel this.

it's good to be back, friends. is anyone still out there?

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