my online life, much like its real life counterpart, is spread far too thin. these are some of sites i (and those close to me) haunt:
my business and professional site, though not particularly business-like or professional. if you wish to see or read about my work, this is the place to go. current and upcoming shows i am in are listed as well. (still under construction, though debuting soon)

the centralia project
a site that i have maintained for about four years regarding the town of Centralia, PA. (in bad need of an update and redesign, but the information's still good)

movie reviews
john's movie review site, where he kneels at the altar of Robert Altman and pines endlessly for Johnny Depp.

john's other writing, involving a group of characters so interconnected and complex that even i can't quite digest it all. it used to be hypertext fiction, but now it's not. he just finished a mystery novel. you should really go read it.

blog with lauren (yet to be launched)
i'm going to be keeping a blog with my sister. we don't have it up, nay, we don't even have a name for it yet. but it will no doubt involve fashion, clothing, knitting, art and good ol' city living. (realistically happening approximately never. but i believe in miracles too)

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