last updated 13 may 2006

Born in a little town somewhere in the middle of Pennsylvania to two art teachers in the waning days of the Carter administration. One younger sister, who I hated until about a year ago. Drew fish on my body with magic marker, age 3. Developed artistic temprement, age 5. Fell in love with my art teacher, age 6. Always drew and painted and wrote like a fiend, watching, wondering, thinking. My teenage years, they were like almost everyone else's, hopeful, tragic, wonderful and fucked-up all at the same time. Had grandoise notions of being an actress, age 14 and 15. Had a passionate intellectual love affair with Emerson and Thoreau, age 16. Hated art teacher, age 17. Packed myself off to art school, age 18. This ended up being simultaneously the worst and best thing that ever happened to me. Nearly dropped out, age 19. Eventually found my way, the hard way. Depression, elation, self-destruction, love, war, peace, ages 20, 21 and 22. Moved to Texas, age 24, which is possibly the second stupidest thing I've ever done. Or the second smartest. slashed, burned, laughed, cried, and fled back to Philadelphia, age 25. I am out of school and facing the Real World, which doesn't involve moving into a plush loft to fight with other spoiled brats on TV. It does, however, involve boring jobs, long drives, crappy roommates, great sex and non-payment of my rent from time to time.


ps. all the pictures on this site are of my mother and grandmother.

pps. all email can be directed to hejira [at] u-town [dot] com.