h a l f a l i f e t i m e

february 23. 2000


you can say it one more time


Go here. That was my very first journal entry, six months ago. For the first three months, this journal was Bethany's little ego boost. But around the beginning of December I began to get serious about writing, and as the great John Bragazzi once said to me, the more time you put into something, the more satisfaction you'll get out of it. Simple words, but very very true.

I really didn't start out with any great aspirations for this site, but it has become, it my opinion, something really wonderful. Something I consider an ongoing work of art. I started this site at a time when I was frustrated with my own artwork, and this site helped remedy that in some ways. I discovered that I am not allergic to computers and lo! I can even make art with it.

Taking stock of where journalling has got me...I learned that file names cannot have spaces in them. I learned how to use Photoshop. I learned some modicum of HTML, enough to get me by, though I cannot in good conscience say I "hand code" this site. I have become a better writer. I've been forced to face and deal with things that, without this journal, I would have never addressed. I have met many wonderful and talented people throughout the journalling community, and read entries every day that constantly push the limits of writing and art in the digital medium.

So not to be totally cheesy or anything like that, but thanks to everyone who reads my journal and gives me feedback. Like I said a few weeks ago, it's for you and for myself that I write these words.

have a seat while i take to the sky