tour de tyler

february 22. 2000

I was finally able to get hold of the family digital camera, and actually remember the cable connecting it to my pc (unlike last time), so I figured it was high time to give you a little tour of my school.

the path to campus

This is the path leading from the dorm to the little campus (consisting of five buildings), which I walk down at least 4 or 5 times daily. On the left is the parking lot, on the right is a field and the convent, which we call the nunnery.

IvyIvy again

On the way down the path to class I met up with my lovely friend Ivy, who is more than happy to look cute for the camera. "This damn necklace makes me look so goth..."

Tyler Hall

Tyler Hall, the oldest and prettiest of the buildings on campus. I have my drawing class here. Below are some sculptures that are in the back of the building.

some greek mythology sculpture

There are all sorts of sculptural gems around campus, but most of them are tucked away into various corners.

not a toiletrelief

Penrose Hall, where I have Intellectual Heritage and also where I work in the computer lab. There is a gallery, computer labs, and painting studios in it, among other things. The biggest building on campus. I love the shadow of the trees on it.

Penrose Hall

My friend Cristina, who normally looks much happier than this, but this was taken in IH class.