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May 10. 2000

My mother somehow managed to schedule me three doctor's appointments today. This must have been a feat. I would love to know how she did this. Another day of nothing used up by doing something.

Doctor's appointments do not make me happy. They make me about as happy as those litle forays to the hospital that I endured last month. First it was the allergist, then the eye doctor, and the gyn, and no, it was not my first time, it was my second. The first time was not as traumatic as everyone makes it out to be.

I remember my mother preparing me for my first gyn appointment last May. "Well, you're going to have to take EVERYTHING off, put on that front opening gown, and then put your feet in the stirrups...." I'll spare you the rest of the details, but she acted as if this was a) one of the most traumatic things that would ever happen to me, and b) that it was some kind of female rite of passage that would usher me into the world of wise, wonderful, knowing women. Neither of which ended up happening.

You'll be gratified to know all went well. I got some eye drops from the allergist to clear up this eye thing, I didn't need a prescription update to further correct my already shitty vision, and all was well down there.

God, I can't believe I just discussed my gyn appointment in my journal. There is a Diarist Award category for this, right?

I was at the computer this evening when I heard something that sounded like thunder come from my bedroom. Dad and I ran upstairs, and as it turned out the bookshelf bolted to the wall directly above my bed had fallen down, along with several things hanging on the wall, lots of plaster and about 300 pounds of books. I had just loaded a whole bunch of stuff that I had brought back from school, so I figured it was probably the case of the straw breaking the camel's back. It goes without saying, but if this had happened two hours later than it did, I would have been in bed to help break those books' fall.


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