July 14. 2000

I'm just a fucking ray of sunshine lately, aren't I?

Worked sucked today. Words cannot describe how like a black hole today was. Tomorrow, Saturday, is inventory, so I have to work, starting at 9:30 am (thus half my weekend is shot to hell, but that isn't the half of it). They tell us at the meeting this morning, "Oh, things will be quiet, you won't have too many orders, because tomorrow is inventory!" So that was cool. Dani and I look forward to a day of leisure.

But, as luck would have it, we are fucking swamped for the entire day. For some reason, no one else had work, so they were wandering around trying to look busy while we were working our asses off. There were -no- breaks whatsoever. Not even so much as 15 seconds to lean against the conveyor and rest. I was so stressed and pissed off by afternoon break that I actually had to smoke one of Dani's cigarettes.

I also had stupid classes to take at work both yesterday and today. Why they are making me take classes when I will be leaving in five weeks I do not know. Yesterday's was called "Basic Principles", i.e., Common Sense and Human Decency in the Workplace. It was basically two hours of bullshit, about how to relate to your coworkers and make the workplace a positive environment. How Not To Be An Asshole For Beginners. Good thing they weren't grading, I would have failed miserably.

Today's class was ISO Overview. ISO is some Greek acronym that I've already forgotten. I don't even remember what the class was about, honestly, because I was falling asleep during most of it (Dani jostled me awake several times). They turned out the lights for a slide presentation, and that was the end for me. Once you turn out the lights, I fall asleep. It doesn't matter if I've had 12 hours of sleep or four.

I tried to exercise after work, but after about a half hour of weight lifting I gave up. I had reached the "I want to die" threshold.

And after all this shit, I have to work tomorrow. Godfuckingdammit.