June 3. 2000

Conversations with Lauren Rusen while driving in the car:

Wednesday Night:

"Don't you get it? I hate you! I REALLY HATE YOU!"

"Lauren, you'll have forgotten about this in a week."

This Morning:

"What are you listening to?"

"Liz Phair."

"What is she saying....caught in spring?"

"No. Cunt in spring."

"That's disgusting. Why do they call it that?"

Later that Day:

"Hair up or down?"

I roll my eyes. I'm sure my opinion doesn't matter to her, so I don't bother answering. I take a sip of Pepsi.

"Elixir of the Gods," I say.

"You know why you drink so much of that?"

I ignore her.

"It's because it makes you thirsty, so you have to drink more. It has a ton of sodium in it. And it has a lot of calories, too." she grabbed the can from the cup holder. "A hundred and forty calories. Per can."

A Few Minutes Later:

"I got an A on my Latin final."


"Reed Crackey came up to me before the test and asked if he could look off a couple of my answers, and I said, 'whatever', but he ended up looking off my entire test. It sucks because we both got A's, but I'm the one who studied my butt off." she related this experience as she fixed her hair.

"Wait. You let him copy off you?"


"Lauren...don't you know that by knowingly letting him copy off you, you're just as guilty as he is? What if someone saw you?"

"Well, I would just plead the 5th, that I didn't know. They'd believe me."

"But you knew. And now I know."

"So? I don't care what you think."

"Lauren...do you know if you cheat in college, you get kicked out? You don't get a second chance. Are you going to keep doing this? What if you get caught?"

She just looked annoyed.

I stared at her. "Your morals are really fucked up. Do you know that?"


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